Auto Zone Stores

Simmons & Associates recently completed a contract with Auto Zone to construct twenty (20) stores nationwide for the national auto retailer.

6,000 sf. prototype Auto Zone buildings were constructed in the following national locations: Cincinnati, OH (2 stores); Athens, TX; Palm Bay, FL; Melbourne, FL; McAlester, OK; Wilmington, NC; Wilson, NC; Logan, UT; Roy, UT; Bountiful, U T; Lufkin, TX; Myrtle Beach, SC; Sherman, TX; Tyler, TX; Carlsbad, NM; Greenville, TX; Parker, FL; and Norwood, OH.

All buildings were manufactured by Butler Manufacturing and featured the Butler CMR-24 standing seam roof system. To date, no call backs for roof leaks have been reported in any of the twenty buildings. Quite a feat for twenty stores constructed in one year, wouldn't you say!

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